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For over 125 years, DOXA has never ceased to strive for creative pinnacles by inheriting the brand’s philosophy of combining exquisite craftsmanship and outstanding performance.


Trofeo TC Advance: The combination of innovation and sophisticated design

Following the success of the Trofeo TC-Evolution launched in 2013, exerting the performance of multiple materials such as titanium, carbon fiber and rubber, DOXA is proud to present another eye-opening piece – the Trofeo TC Advance, an enhanced version of the TC-Evolution model.

«Trofeo» means trophy in Italian. In ancient Greece, the warriors would use the weapons of the losing party to make «Trofeo» as a mark of triumph. «DOXA» means glory in the ancient Greek language. By combining the two, “a glorified warrior” is realized.

Multi-material construction manifesting a masculine and sturdy design DOXA is well-known for its innovative and open-mindedness spirit. The Trofeo TC Advance is a perfect example of a modern, trendsetting sports watch. The case is made of multiple materials including titanium, carbon fiber and rubber, gracing the watch with a sophisticated appearance. The 48-mm case is even bigger than the 43-mm case of the TC-Evolution, giving the watch an even stronger outlook. The case is mainly made of titanium with sandblasted detail, showing a pleasing glitter to the eyes. In contrast with the titanium case, the rose gold outer ring of the bezel and the crown brings glamour to the watch. The inner part of the bezel is made of carbon fiber, while at the same time the black rubber strap and the buckle are also decorated with carbon fiber, balancing dark and light, elegance and virility. Each watch features a titanium piece on the side of the case, engraved with the number of its sequence of limited edition of 300 pieces.

Impactful skeletonized dial and movement

In line with the masculine case design, the dial features sophisticated layers and details. Below the three watch hands elegantly lies a transparent skeletonized dial that whispers the rhythmic movement of the caliber. The hour-markers at 3H and 9H are each adorned with a baguette-shaped orange gem while the white hour-markers at 6H and 12H are printed underneath the sapphire crystal directly to create an eye-dazzling floating illusion.

Exceptional timepiece of ultimate precision

The Trofeo collection stands out from other collections with its avant-garde design and durable movement. The performance of the Trofeo TC Advance is guaranteed by its Swiss-made automatic movement (C.O.S.C), featuring a water resistance of 100 m. The wearer can appreciate the movement via the translucent case-back, offering holistic beauty in every angle.

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«il n’y a rien de nouveau sous le soleil. souvent pour deviner de quoi demain sera fait, il suffit de se pencher sur le passe.»

Emile Jauslin, ancien Directeur de la Manufacture
des Montres DOXA, Le Locle.1964

english version

«There is nothing new under the sun. Often, to guess what tomorrow will bring, you only have to look back to the past.»

Emile Jauslin, ancien Directeur de la Manufacture
des Montres DOXA, Le Locle.1964

french version