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This summer DOXA was the award winning watch in the category «diving watches» in the 4th issue of this years «Uhren Magazin» in Germany.


Test winner in «Uhren Magazin»

This year’s diving watch test leads the «Uhren Magazin» team to Koblenz, to the fire and emergency school in Rheinland-Pfalz. Where rescue divers are trained and train for the cases of emergency. For the «Uhren Magazin» and the test watches, it is a completely new, strenuous and very exciting exceptional situation.

A short statement from Kyrill Otten about the DOXA SUB4000T

«The watch can be edified simply and the bezel can be adjusted easily whilst wearing gloves. The hands can be differentiated very well.»

Article Uhren Magazin

«Directeurs et collaborateurs de doxa ont communie dans le meme amour de qualite. Ils se sont fixes, d’une generation a l’autre, un seul devoir: exceller.»

Romeo F. Jenny,
CEO Montres DOXA SA, Bienne. 2009

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«The directors and employees of DOXA work closely together with the same Passion for Quality. They have defined from one generation to the next what it means to excel.»

Romeo F. Jenny,
CEO Montres DOXA SA, Bienne. 2009

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