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Since Doxa was founded in 1889 in Le Locle, the Swiss watchmaking hub, the brand has adhered to the commitment of crafting watches with advanced technologies and sophisticated designs.


New Limited Trofeo T-Master – A Trendsetter for Multi-function Watches

Since Doxa was founded in 1889 in Le Locle, the Swiss watchmaking hub, the brand has adhered to the commitment of crafting watches with advanced technologies and sophisticated designs. Every timepiece by Doxa is equipped with excellent quality and everlasting value. Being the flagship watch collection, Trofeo merges sportive dynamism, innovative technology and trendy style into a prominent series. In 2016, another spectacular creation joins the collection, Trofeo T-Master (Model D197BBO). This titanium chronograph watch is geared with fullcalendar for practicality, precision as well as vogue, and is limited to 300 pieces worldwide, which would definitely set a new trend among watch enthusiasts.

Exquisite craftsmanship in the name of triumph

What inspires the novel design of anew watch is the name of the collection itself. Trofeo literally means “trophy” in Italian, while the brand name of Doxa is the Greek word for “glory”. Consequently, the best symbol for both ideas would be a trophy cup for glory and victory, which inspires the instillation of trophy elements into the design of this watch. The central part of the black dial resembles the silhouette of the trophy bestowed in the champion’s triumphant moment. It also implies that wearer can manage his time masterly to excel in every competition in life. The eye-catching orange details within the two counters at the top and bottom remind ornaments of the trophy.The trophy-inspired design also extends to the caseback and the strap. Skeletonized in the shape of a trophy, the caseback offers a transparent glimpse into the rotor of the automatic Swiss movement and the meticulous mechanism inside; the rubber strap is specially embellished with screw decorations to match with the trophy theme, creating a masterful design full of sophisticated details.

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The most intriguing feature of Trofeo T-Masteris its incorporation of two practical functions much-favoured by watch enthusiasts: chronograph and full calendar. Housing an ETA 7751automatic Swiss movement, the timepiece adopts a symmetric design with structural balance to present all the chronographic indicators and calendar displays in a clear and organized manner. In the centre, two skeletonized hour and minute hands are accompanied by a fine, orange hand for 60-second time-tracking. Another thicker and pointed hand is used to pinpoint the specific date inscribed around the dialring. At 9H, a small counter for seconds is installed with 24-hour day/night display, where as two more counters are positioned at 12H and 6H upon the central “trophy”: a 30-minute chronographic indicator with week and month displaysat the top, and a 12-hour chronographic indicator with moonphases display at the bottom. Furthermore, the right side of the dial is adorned with the distinctive logo of the brand as well as a skeletonized section in diagonal pattern, which partially unveils the movement behind to heighten the aesthetic appeal of the watch’s mechanics. All the time-tracking functions from starting, stopping to resetting can be fully and easily manipulated by the two push buttons on the right side of the case.

 Lightweight design in titanium

With a large-sized 46-mm round case, the watch is characterized by its extraordinary appearance. Despite the big size, the timepiece is still light and handy, as the case is made of titanium and thus provides wearers with an unprecedented experience. Commonly used in the aircraft industry and esteemed as the “space age metal”, titanium is not just a light metal, but also a highly durable and corrosion-resistant one. The titanium case of the watch is embellished with a matte finishing after special treatment. Together with the titanium bezel decorated with brushing and black PVD techniques, the timepiece conveys a high-tech impression with stylish charisma. In adherence to the lightweight design, the watch is specially equipped with a rubber strap to fit the wearer’s wrist perfectly. Featuring a water resistance up to 100 metres, it is capable of dealing with any outdoors sports. Trofeo T-Master is limited to 300 pieces worldwide with the limited number engraved at the side of the titanium case, which proves the precious value of the exclusive collectible.

«Directeurs et collaborateurs de doxa ont communie dans le meme amour de qualite. Ils se sont fixes, d’une generation a l’autre, un seul devoir: exceller.»

Romeo F. Jenny,
CEO Montres DOXA SA, Bienne. 2009

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«The directors and employees of DOXA work closely together with the same Passion for Quality. They have defined from one generation to the next what it means to excel.»

Romeo F. Jenny,
CEO Montres DOXA SA, Bienne. 2009

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