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In 2016, Doxa proudly presents three new Blue Planet® executions in GrandeMetre, its flagship collection of everlasting grandeur.


New GrandeMetre Blue Planet® Chronometre Watch

Three Unique Dial Designs to Display the Beauty of Nature

Boasting over a century of watchmaking history, Doxa has been a favourite brand among watch enthusiasts thanks to the distinguished performance and timeless design of its watches. In 2016, Doxa proudly presents three new Blue Planet® executions in GrandeMetre, its flagship collection of everlasting grandeur. Each of them is adorned with a distinctive dial made of blue aventurine, tiger eye or agate, as a continuation of the traditional elegance of the collection by offering another classic creation of the year.

GrandeMetre watches incorporate numerous qualities of excellent timepieces at the highest paradigm, namely precise Swiss automatic movement, legible composition of the dial and exquisite design. In celebration of its 125th anniversary two years ago, the brand launched the Blue Planet® GMT, a model featuring a blue aventurine dial, highly esteemed by watch enthusiasts. This year, three extended watches are introduced with various details, which would definitely set off a new trend again.

One-of-a-kind dial preciously made

A great way to enrich the visual details of a watch is to craft its dial in rare materials, which can highlight its extraordinary style. This year, Doxa adopts the GrandeMetre chronometre watch as the prototype to present three new designs of the dial, embracing blue aventurine, tiger eye and agate respectively to showcase unparalleled artistry. The design concept focuses on the unity with nature, as the three dials represent sky, mountain and earth. Shaded in deep blue, the shimmer of the blue aventurine entwines into a starry night; the brownish yellow tiger eye resembles the breathtaking sight of rugged cliffs and ridges engulfed by red hot lava erupted from a volcano; finally, the agate in azure reminds one of a smooth rock in the ocean mirroring the waves beating against the shore, which illustrates the wonder of the planet. Each dial embodies striking diversity and visual appeal with unique pattern, making every watch a treasure without equal.

Striving for perfection in every fine detail

The three executions are presented in a 42mm case made of stainless steel or coupled with an 18K rose gold bezel, displaying poised elegance with simplistic contours. Three hands are adopted upon the dial, on which Roman numeral markers are pleasingly embedded at the even hours. An explicit date display is located at 6H to enhance the timepiece’s practicality. The sophistication of the watch is further exemplified by the crown, which is embellished with blue aventurine, tiger eye or agate correspondingly to echo with the dial design. The name tag with 18K rose gold or stainless steel is embellished on the buckle. Meanwhile the caseback is also crafted in a refined manner on par – the mother-of-pearl in blue is delicately engraved with a prominent icon of Earth, symbolizing the fusion of sky, mountain and earth. The design theme of nature is underscored by the caseback as visually attractive as the dial.

 Impeccable performance of a refined movement

Every watch labelled with “Chronometre” has been certified by Contrôle Officiel Suisse des Chronomètres (COSC), the Official Swiss Chronometre Testing Institute to testify its absolute precision. The Blue Planet® chronometre watch of GrandeMetre features a Swiss automatic movement which meets the high standards of COSC. The label “Chronometre” is imprinted at 6H on the dial as a proof of its commendable quality. Furthermore, in adherence to the brand’s eminence as a pioneer of diving watches, the graceful model is also secured with six screws on the caseback to ensure water resistance up to 50 metres, making it an apt timepiece for everyday occasions.

«Directeurs et collaborateurs de doxa ont communie dans le meme amour de qualite. Ils se sont fixes, d’une generation a l’autre, un seul devoir: exceller.»

Romeo F. Jenny,
CEO Montres DOXA SA, Bienne. 2009

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«The directors and employees of DOXA work closely together with the same Passion for Quality. They have defined from one generation to the next what it means to excel.»

Romeo F. Jenny,
CEO Montres DOXA SA, Bienne. 2009

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