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Reaching the peak of Mount Everest


DOXA on Top of the World

To commemorate its 125th Anniversary, DOXA supported an expedition to Mount Everest, world’s highest summit raising at 8’848 meters.

The expedition was led by world famous and seasoned Polish climber Ryszard Pawlowski. On his wrist, his DOXA Trofeo TC-Evolution accompanied him during the whole ascension. With the ingenious use of innovative materials, the Trofeo TC-Evolution is not only tough but extremely light, providing the wearer optimal comfort.

On May 24, the team reached successfully the summit and the expedition was greeted as a success.

«Directeurs et collaborateurs de doxa ont communie dans le meme amour de qualite. Ils se sont fixes, d’une generation a l’autre, un seul devoir: exceller.»

Romeo F. Jenny,
CEO Montres DOXA SA, Bienne. 2009

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«The directors and employees of DOXA work closely together with the same Passion for Quality. They have defined from one generation to the next what it means to excel.»

Romeo F. Jenny,
CEO Montres DOXA SA, Bienne. 2009

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