Your DOXA watch has been manufactured to the highest standards of precision and reliability using advanced technology.

Your DOXA watch is warranted against any genuine manufacturing defects for two (2) years from date of purchase.

Warranty Restriction

Please note that your international warranty is only valid if it is accompanied by the attached International Warranty card. This warranty card must be completed in every part and signed by the authorized DOXA retailer where you bought your watch. The warranty card must bear the model number and the serial number of the watch, exact date of purchase and the chop of the authorized DOXA retailer.

This warranty does not cover the case, crystal, bracelet or strap, buckle or clasp or any damages caused by accident, mishandling, negligence or improper use as well as normal wear and tear or aging. Any repair or maintenance work carried out by unauthorized persons shall also automatically make this warranty null and void. In addition, this warranty does not cover batteries that operate quartz mechanism.

Your attention is drawn expressly that DOXA watches are not suitable for wearing while practicing extreme sports.

A fee will apply for repair beyond warranty coverage or period.


General Information

Quartz Watches

A quartz watch has a fresh battery designed to provide maximum reliability for approximately one (1) year under normal usage. If the battery is discharged, the watch will become inaccurate or even non-functional. The battery should be removed as soon as possible to prevent damages to the movement caused by leakage. The watch should be brought to an authorized retailer for battery replacement.

Mechanical Automatic Watches

When fully wound, the watch builds up a power reserve for approximately 36 hours. When a watch is first purchased or after a period of non-usage, it is recommended to wind it manually (for screw crown, unscrewed first so that it is free of the screw thread). In theory, tolerance of 30 seconds per day is considered normal.

Mechanical Hand-Winding Watches

A non-automatic winding watch has to be wound manually. Do this preferably in the morning before you put on your watch. Only if the spring’s tension is sufficient your watch will run properly during the day.

«Directeurs et collaborateurs de doxa ont communie dans le meme amour de qualite. Ils se sont fixes, d’une generation a l’autre, un seul devoir: exceller.»

Romeo F. Jenny,
CEO Montres DOXA SA, Bienne. 2009

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«The directors and employees of DOXA work closely together with the same Passion for Quality. They have defined from one generation to the next what it means to excel.»

Romeo F. Jenny,
CEO Montres DOXA SA, Bienne. 2009

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