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Our respect for our rich tradition, our attention to detail, our anticipation of future trends create watches for the successful woman and man of today, looking for timeless elegance, spirited classiness or trendy sportiness.

«In each DOXA watch you can feel the special DOXA spirit, combined with our technological expertise and passion for creating great watches. DOXA watches have the capacity to inspire their owners», says Romeo F. Jenny, CEO. «It is our challenge to install this element of uniqueness in each of our watches, so that our customers buy our watch instead of one of another brand.»

Uniting Commitment, Innovation, technical Expertise and Design.

Staying on their toes, observing market trends, immediately reacting to and even anticipating new developments is what keeps DOXA ahead of many of its competitors. The roots of this philosophy can be found in DOXA’s history, as its founder, Georges Ducommun, realized the great potential of modern means of transport. He was one of the first to buy an automobile in the beginning of the 20th century, and his understanding of what this means of transport would require led to the development of its famous DOXA-8-Day-Caliber, fitted to cars produced by Bugatti, Mercedes, Peugeot and later also used in clocks fitted in ships and airplanes.

Later on, this innovative spirit led in the 1950s to the design of the Grafic line, a design based on the Bauhaus principles. The Grafic line still remains one of the bestsellers. DOXA continues to design new models based on this principle, creating new or adapting vintage models to today’s requirements and expectations.

Another example is the development of the DOXA SUB, launched in 1967. Two key elements were responsible for its great and continuing success: A unidirectional revolving bezel with integrated zero hour diving chart and a fluorescent orange dial that provides optimal readability even under extreme lighting conditions. This new model for professional divers was realized in cooperation with the renowned sport diving organization in the USA, headed at the time by Jacques-Yves Cousteau. In the 1970s, DOXA became the exclusive supplier of diving watches for the divers of the Swiss Army.

Commitment and Independence

DOXA’s CEO Romeo F. Jenny remains true to Georges Ducommun’s strategy of producing high quality watches at affordable prices. Part of this commitment is also DOXA’s requirement of all suppliers to uphold strong ethical standards for socially and ecologically acceptable manufacturing, and DOXA’s support of marine biology research programs.

As an independent watch brand, DOXA relies not only on ETA – but also on Ronda quartz and Sellita mechanical movements, and is thus fortunate to be free of any worries about movement supply in the future. Its independence status gives DOXA also the room to act quickly and adapt to changes in market conditions. This allows DOXA to focus its efforts on creating innovative watches combining high precision and technical finesse with quality, reliability, functionality and style.

DOXA looks back on a rich and varied history and forward to a bright future.

DOXA will be presenting astounding new time pieces, combining the best of its rich history with today’s technical competence, contemporary design and flair.

«il n’y a rien de nouveau sous le soleil. souvent pour deviner de quoi demain sera fait, il suffit de se pencher sur le passe.»

Emile Jauslin, ancien Directeur de la Manufacture
des Montres DOXA, Le Locle.1964

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«There is nothing new under the sun. Often, to guess what tomorrow will bring, you only have to look back to the past.»

Emile Jauslin, ancien Directeur de la Manufacture
des Montres DOXA, Le Locle.1964

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